The International Biscuit Festival (or not…) / by David Killebrew

Before work on Saturday I planned to go downtown to check out the International Biscuit Festival.  It's a festival that the city of Knoxville holds every year in which loads of people come set up tents and food stands downtown to sell even bigger loads of people biscuits.  I could be wrong but I think I read last year they estimated some 40-50,000 biscuits were eaten.  Due to my terrible sleep schedule the night before and the tight schedule I was on before work, I was only able to catch the last bit of the festival… the tearing down the tents part.

However when I got downtown I did come across this fella playing guitar.  He seemed to stand out from a lot of other street musicians I've seen in that he actually knew what he was doing.  I asked him if he took requests to which he replied the most obvious truth I've ever heard, "Well… if I know it."  So I asked if he knew any Jim Croce songs.  For those unaware, Jim Croce is one of my favorite musicians of all time.  He thought for a minute then said "I Got A Name" and that's what he played.  All the way through nailing every line.  I tipped the guy $5 and we talked about old folk singers for a minute before I had to get to work.