Rebel 2000 / by David Killebrew

I dug out my old film camera today. A Rebel 2000. I've had it since high school. Kinda ironic since my high school's mascot was a "rebel" (a confederate soldier)… does that make it old? 10+ years? I've not used it since some college classes about 3 years ago but it's still in great shape so why not, right? I'll have to rely on the help of some company in Knoxville because I don't have a place to develop my own film. That was one of my favorite parts about film photography - that it felt so personalized.

So I went to Radio Shack today and got new batteries for the ol girl and got her nice and ready to saddle up. Found 6 or 7 assorted rolls of old film that I never did anything with. Got lucky and found a BW roll mixed in and a roll I've already shot but have no idea what's on it. Who knows how 2-3 year old unused/unprocessed film will turn out? I don't but I'm excited to find out. I'll keep ya posted.

In the meantime, I'll drop a few of my favorite film shots from my portfolio in here.